A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help Burn Injury Victims

Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re a victim of fire or burn injuries, you’ll be left not only with physical scars but also with psychological scarring that can last a lifetime. Burn injuries typically result in enormous medical bills, and can cause loss of income or wages. When your burn injury is the result of someone else’s negligence you are entitled to seek compensation for your injury and medical treatment. Unfortunately, insurance companies will make sure that they pay the minimum to burn injury victims. That said, it is vital that you contact an expert personal injury lawyer after an accident to ensure that you receive maximum compensation. If you or your loved one suffered a burn injury, contact The Law Office Of Damon Alimouri to know if you can recover compensation. The Law Office Of Damon Alimouri offers a free consultation. Attorney Damon Alimouri handles cases that involve apartment building fires, workplace injuries, truck accidents, motor vehicle accidents, electrical accidents and so much more.

How Safe Is Your Apartment?

Many burn injuries occur in apartments. In most instances, the fire might not be your fault. Regardless, most landlords will pressure their tenants not to pursue legal action against them, even though their negligence is the cause of a fire and subsequent injury. Landlords are responsible for keeping their properties in good condition. That said, they must follow government codes and basic safety standards. But not all landlords live up to their responsibility. If a landlord does not follow the proper standards, and a fire starts that causes an injury to tenants, the landlord must held liable for the damages.

Filing a Lawsuit

Damon Alimouri is a personal injury lawyer with experience and understanding of the laws regulating burn injuries. Damon Alimouri will get your compensation and make sure that landlords pay you for the damages caused by their failure to meet their legal obligations. If you have been injured in a fire, contact The Law Office of Damon Alimouri at 626-345-5539 today for a free consultation.

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